Amit Himelstein

IKF Global Lead Instructor

Special Forces operator and IDF Krav Maga Instructor

Lead Instructor - IDF Elite Units

Multifight JiuJitsu Black Belt

Sanshou and Shuai Jao Black Belt Champion

Coach - Israel Sanshou team


Amit has been part of the martial arts world since the age of 8. Started his journey in Karate, and progressed into the full contact world. As a teenager, Amit represented the Israeli National Team in competitions in Israel and around the world.  


At the age of 18, he joined the IDF and was assigned to a Special Forces unit. While in the IDF, he also served as a Krav Maga instructor. Amit considers his military experience as the best training ground for CQB. 


After his army service, Amit moved to China and joined a training team of traditional Kung Fu, Sanshou and Shuai Jiao. He lived, trained and competed in China for 3 years. 

After he returned to Israel, Amit opened the "Israel Sanshou Academy ”, a martial arts academy for Sanshou, Shuai Jiao and tactical training. Sanshou is a fighting system that is used in the training program of the Chinese police and is the main combat sport in China, combining striking and wrestling skills. The academy, along with Amit himself, continues to compete in Sanshou, grappling , traditional wrestling and MMA.


In addition to the work he is doing with his Academy, Amit continues to train IDF units, as well as police and security professionals, on Kapap and CQB tactics.

In 2010 Amit  joined the IKF, the International Kapap Federation. He added his experience in martial arts and Army CQB to the Kapap methods. Amit and the IKF are currently working on a variety of projects and seminars around the world for Military Special Forces, Law Enforcement, Security, as well as self-defense programs for civilans and anti-bullying programs for teenagers and children.


Some of Amit's notable achievements include:

  • Certificate of Honour for his role as Sargeant in Special Operations during the Al-Aqza Intifada (September, 2002)

  • Certificate of Honour for the development and deployment of tactical and combat methods as lead instructor of the IDF's elite units (June, 2015)

  • Certificate of Appreciation for training and building tactical knowledge programs for instructors and fighters at elite units of the IDF (July, 2016)

  • Certificate of Excellence for his role as a Reserve Soldier in his unit (July, 2017)

These highlights are from a recent CQB Instructor Course in Telford, UK, which Spartan's Cyrus Osena also completed.