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Amit Himelstein

Global Lead Instructor for the International Kapap Federation (IKF) and Tactical Combat Instructor for Special Units of the Israel Defense Force (IDF)

in Canada only at Spartan Krav Maga

Heading 1A

About the Guest Instructor

Amit Himelstein,
Global Lead Instructor
International Kapap Federation

Amit currently serves as a Combat Instructor to the Israel Air Force, as well as creates and provides specialized training programs for IDF elite combat units. He also provides training for private and government security teams globally.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best tactical instructors in the world. Click on the buttons to sign up.

Public Seminars

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Early-bird pricing exclusive for active-status students of $70/seminar is in effect until June 20th. Attend all three seminars and save 25%! Space will be limited to 20 participants per seminar.

After June 20th, ticket sales will be opened to the general public and the prices increase to $80/seminar.

Book now to secure your spot.
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