KRAVfit - The Ultimate Combat Fitness

A different kind of workout. A different kind of fit.


It's not about how much you can lift. It's all about how you move - speed, agility and power. Our Combat Fitness programs seek to complement Krav Maga training by combining the latest innovations in conditioning science with weight, resistance and interval/circuit training methods to enhance the critical skills that are essential to any great practitioner.


But you don't have to be a Krav Maga practitioner to do KRAVfit. Many of our students take our KRAVfit classes exclusively, to reap the full-body, functional fitness benefits that only this brand of Combat Fitness can provide.



KRAVfit is the Ultimate in Combat Fitness. Available only at Spartan Self Defense, it is our fitness-based, less bone-jarring version of regular Krav Maga training. Do not be confused, however, as these classes are still pretty intense – this is Krav Maga after all.


KRAVfit will incorporate many of the aspects of training such as self-defense instruction, interval training and strength development, while limiting the more demanding components of our regular classes like ground exercises, hard punch/kick pad work and full contact speed drills. The classes will still be quite intense, but the focus will be fairly evenly split between learning Krav Maga and developing fitness levels and improving overall conditioning, versus surviving the next zombie apocalypse.


KRAVfit is perfect for those who want a high intensity conditioning program while learning effective self defense.


Monday, Wednesday, & Friday  6am, Noon and 7:30pm