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thank you for signing up!

We're looking forward to meeting you soon! In the meantime, here are a few housekeeping items to get you ready...


Check your email for your welcome package. If you haven't received it, let us know and we'll get it right. This is very important as you will be receiving some critical items by email. 


Did you know that your 6-week Course/Program comes with an unlimited membership? Download our members app, create a profile and, a couple of weeks prior to your program's start, get your "First Class Free" plan. Use this to sign up for your first class prior to the Course period. We will load the Course onto your account shortly before start date. That will give you access to ALL of our classes (KRAVfit and Krav Maga) for the duration of the Course.

You can get the app by clicking on the button below. Invite Code: AKY80L


Join our private Facebook group to get the latest updates and interact with other like-minded individuals. 


Feel free to invite a friend or relative to take this course with you. Over the years, we have helped thousands of ladies feel safer through the empowerment of self defense. You'll be doing someone a huge service, not to mention it will be a ton more fun to share this experience with someone you know. Simply share this link:

you just took the first step TO changing YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER

Like we said before...


We don't care where you're starting from.


You just need to be motivated and dedicated. We'll take it from there.

All we ask is your full commitment to the program and then reap the benefits by seeing real results. 

Take the first step to to becoming a more fearless you!

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