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Dan Irwin

"I currently work for a contractor and run my own carpentry business on the side. Growing up I was always involved in sports. I started playing hockey when I was 4 and played high school football .


Once I graduated , I found my self lacking something to keep mentality and physically engaged in. I wanted to challenge myself, but also learn something new at the same time that would benefit me in everyday life.


Since joining Spartan Krav Maga I have become both mentally and physically stronger than I have ever been before. I have developed self defense skills that give me confidence to feel safe, not only to protect myself but to protect others if necessary. Beyond that it has taught me that Krav Maga is a lifestyle and has all around made me a better person.


Through hard work , dedication and hours of training, I have been fortunate enough to now have the ability to pass on what I have learned and to teach others . I always strive to lead by example and to better myself everyday."


Amelia Sher

Amelia’s Krav maga journey started when she took the women’s self defense course two years ago. She hasn’t looked back since. Amelia loves learning new techniques and honing in on the basics. When she isn’t training you might catch her working at Sheridanlife radio, hiking, playing sports or trying a new vegetarian recipe.


Amelia knows first hand how an active and healthy lifestyle can improve mental health, confidence and strength. She looks forward to helping others accomplish their goals while learning self defense.


Tosin Giwa

Tosin's ultimate interest is being healthy and keeping fit and helping others do the same.


Tosin has been training at Spartan Krav Maga for almost 2 years.


Being a Lupus Warrior, Krav Maga has helped to improve her health in different ways and keeps helping her stay strong to fight each day.


Outside of training, Tosin is a full-on computer geek analyzing data of different shapes and sizes. She also likes learning new languages, extreme sports, healthy cooking and eating.


David Gibson

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Douglas Laing

After years of bullying, this gentle giant decided to do something about it. He enrolled in Spartan Krav Maga, and his kids haven’t picked on him since.

Doug  developed an interest in defensive tactics through his role as an Environmental Enforcement Officer for the Federal Government. It is a position that allows him to inspect a variety of different industries throughout Ontario, and the rest of Canada.

Over the past six years at Spartan Krav Maga, Doug has repeatedly seen that mindset and training makes up for physical size. He is very excited to aid people in their own training journeys. Krav Maga is not only a great defensive system, it is a killer workout and is fun to do.

Always remember, Doug firmly believes that the best way to meet new and interesting people is by punching them in the face.

Man with Jacket

Mike Gladkowski

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Man with Crossed Arms
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