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The main objective of our Kids Krav Maga program is to get your children fit and focused - mentally, physically and socially, and allow them to face their unique challenges with discipline and a positive attitude.


Our program will not only teach simple and effective self-defense techniques, but also equip your children with essential life skills and improve their self-confidence and self-esteem.

"everything your children will ever be, they are becoming. you are raising adults, not children."

The Kid's Krav Maga program seeks to expose children to the core principles of Krav Maga through games, exercises, drills and other FUN activities. These activities develop their strength, balance and coordination, and improve their focus and discipline, and they gain a great sense of accomplishment out of it. These activities also help hone their instincts and make them more aware of their surroundings, allowing them to spot potential dangers early and avoid them. All of these lessons, in turn, translate into improved confidence and self esteem - traits that make them less likely targets for bullying.

Improved confidence and self-esteem also inspires assertiveness which would help them in preventing bullying behaviour by using verbal tactics and de-escalation. And because this is a Krav Maga program, the kids will learn effective self defense techniques to respond against a variety of threats and attacks. And while we don't condone fighting and we do encourage telling an adult, we also emphasize that ultimately, the responsibility for a child's safety and security rests squarely upon that child's shoulders - if they sense a threat from anyone or anything, they should act accordingly, immediately.

While the Kid's Krav Maga program is more of a life skills development course than it is a strict anti-bullying program, it develops attributes in your child that make it the perfect tool against bullying. To augment this, we do hold special anti-bullying workshops to deal with these specific scenarios. The photo at left was from a School Bus Bullying workshop (in a real school bus, of course) conducted at our Mississauga school last summer. Other bullying seminar/workshops for kids include non-violent de-escalation tactics, self defense in tight spaces, dealing with larger aggressors and multiple bullies scenarios. We also plan to hold joint parent/child seminars on online, social media and chatroom safety.


Lets face it - we can't always be there to protect our children against bullies. And realistically, neither can their teachers. So it's important that we give our kids the ability to handle these situations and protect themselves if necessary.

6-Week Structured Krav Maga Program starts January 16, 2023

6-Week Structured Krav Maga Program starts January 16, 2023


Kid's Krav Maga

5-8 years old

6-Week Structured Kid's Krav Maga Program to start on January 16th!

Click on the button above for more information and for registration opportunity.


Young Practitioner

9-11 years old

6-Week Structured Young Practitioner Krav Maga Program to start on January 16th!

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Youth (Teen) Program

12-17 years old

This class will teach teenagers how to effectively manage scenarios relevant to their age group. These are ongoing classes designed to serve as a segue between our Kid's and Adult Programs.




  • 2 classes per week

  • WHEN SIGNING UP: Kid's Krav Maga & Young Practitioner are under the Kid's Krav Maga memberships.

  • Youth Program has its own Sign Up.

  • Minimum membership terms may apply



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