Students' Corner

Welcome to our Krav Maga family! Please check back on this section often to get updates on schedules and events.


Unlike most facilities who offer Krav Maga as part of a long menu of products, this is our only focus. We are a Krav Maga school. You will find that everything we do here is designed to make you safer and healthier using sound Krav Maga principles and techniques. Krav Maga has saved countless of lives over the years and we believe in what we teach. It truly is practical, real world self-defense that you can learn and apply very quickly.


We have several classes throughout the week to suit everyone's aptitude and ability, and we encourage you to take advantage of them. Our classes, even the designated beginner classes, are pretty intense so please, ease into training and don't overdo it at first. Fitness and conditioning will come with training, over time. You WILL get into fighting fit shape.


Our class format is mixed, which means beginners will be training with more experienced practitioners. We will also be floating around the curriculum so we might be doing knife threats from behind in one class, and do escapes from guillotine chokes next, and work on our strikes or gun disarms after that. It may be daunting at first but don't get intimidated, after a few classes you will start to understand that common principles are applied and the techniques are governed by these principles. Eventually, you will find yourself fielding questions from first-timers and realize that you have become one of the experienced practitioners described above.


Training Attire And Protective Gear


To replicate real life situations, we train in street clothes - comfortable pants or shorts, t-shirts and running shoes. Those who join us should wear their IKM T-shirts during training. More colours and sizes are available for purchase. You can also ask us about the tactical pants that you see us wearing - those are available for purchase, as well.


Male groin protection is mandatory for every class! You can purchase them commercially from any sports outlet or simply ask us - we might have some for sale.


Mouth guards are necessary when sparring, as well as when doing drills where light contact is anticipated. If you do not have one, we have some available for sale.


Protective sparring gear (gloves, shin pads and cage helmet) will be necessary as you progress in your training. Our gear is specialized - the gloves are top-padded MMA-style gloves with thumb protection and wrist support, and the shin pads should be hard and heavy duty (not the foam karate or TKD ones). The helmets we use are hard-padded and leather-bound with a full-face cage mask, which are a bit difficult to find. You can purchase these from us individually, or as a set.


Safety In Training


To get the full benefits out of class, we encourage students to perform the techniques in increasing tempos leading to fast and hard. Combine this with increasing stress and fatigue levels and accidents are prone to happen. Please exercise control at all times. If you are not sure about how to perform a particular technique, please ask.


The situations we work on are based on real-life scenarios, so your training will be conducted primarily with a partner. Respect your partner - understand their strengths and limitations and remember that you are as big a part of his/her training as he/she is of yours. The objective is to learn Krav Maga, not to find out of the better fighter is. It is important that you help each other learn.


Before each class, please remove every item of jewellery - earrings, necklaces, rings and watches. Unnecessary eyewear should be removed, as well. We have a "Bling Box" for keys and jewellery right outside the Women's Chaange Room.


Please bring a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated during training. There is a water refill station near the fridge by the arena entrance. We also have bottled water and sports drinks for sale in the fridge.


Most importantly, have a great time! We are here for you. If you have any questions or concerns, talk to us either before or after class. We are also available by phone or email at your convenience. Also, your feedback is impotant to us. Please do not hesitate to get a hold of us and let us know what is, and isn't, working for you.


Cyrus Osena