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Michelle Jeck

Senior Instructor & Head, Outreach Programs

Michelle Jeck is an Israeli-trained Krav Maga Instructor certified in accordance with the standards set out by Combat Krav Maga International. Michelle is also a Combat Fitness and Children's Krav Maga Instructor. She has been training in Krav Maga for 8 years and has studied under notable Krav Maga Instructors such as Gabi Noah, Shahar Or and Lior Offenbach.

Michelle is very passionate about women's, children's and native issues and and is a key part of Spartan's outreach programs. She will not miss any opportunity to introduce Krav Maga and Self Defense concepts through workshops and seminars to schools and women's groups across the Golden Horseshoe. As such, she is one of Spartan's most active ambassadors of empowerment.

In-house, Michelle is one of the key instructors for our Women's Self Defense course. She is also a fixture in the Spartan Get Fit Challenge as an instructor and as our resident nutrition expert.


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