Phillipe Chevalier

Certified Civilian Krav Maga Instructor (KMS)

Combat Fitness Instructor


Phillipe began practicing Krav Maga during his service in the Canadian MilItary where he spent 4 years serving in the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa unit.  Now a banker by day he has been a practitioner at Spartan Self Defense for the past two years.


Phillipe has completed his General Instructors Course under Shahar Or, Israeli Krav Maga Expert and Chief Global Instructor for Krav Maga Specialists. Phillipe is active in our Spartan Get Tough Challenge as a Combat Fitness Instructor. Regularly, he teaches the All-Levels Krav Maga class on Wednesdays at 6:45pm.

To keep the edge sharp, our Instructors train often and train hard. Here is a clip of Phillipe training with senior/advanced students during a fairly intense Saturday morning class.  Best enjoyed in HD.