We are, first and foremost, a Krav Maga school, offering the best self-defense and personal safety training available. But we offer so much more than just Krav Maga classes. From school and office outreach programs to personal training at your home, office or gym, we take Krav Maga right to your doorstep. Check out what else we have for you in this section.

Adult Krav Maga

People look to Krav Maga for many different reasons. Whether it is to gain more confidence by learning the skills necessary to handle yourself and protect your loved ones, or simply to get into fighting fit shape, Krav Maga is the fastest and most effective and enjoyable way to do it!


We offer a variety of Krav Maga classes for adults in our Burlington and Oakville studios. Our classes are fun, yet intense, and are conducted in a very friendly atmosphere. It's a very simple and straightforward system. You WILL learn to defend yourself and you WILL get in awesome shape doing it.

School Workshops

We offer regular demonstrations and workshops at schools where we introduce students to the basic principles of Krav Maga, namely awareness, avoidance and action. Emphasizing caution over violence, we would teach students to use their instincts and observation skills to steer clear feom danger. Students will also learn valuable self-defense techniques which would allow them defend themseves should the need arise.


This is a wonderful opportunity to introduce Krav Maga, a little known but highly effective self-defense system, to your students.

Corporate Training

Empower your employees by introducing them to Krav Maga, where they will learn effective self-defense techniques and get fitter at the same time. Whether it be at the office, at the factory line, or walking through the parking lot after a late night shift, it is important that your employees feel safe at work. Not to mention the overall health and lifestyle benefits that Krav Maga training brings. Improved lifestyle and confidence brings about numerous positive benefits, which translate into a more productive workplace.


Talk to us about being a part of your corporate wellness plan.

Kids Krav Maga

Our Kids Krav Maga program seeks to expose your children to the core principles of Krav Maga through games, drills, exercises and other FUN activities. The objective of the program is to get your children fit and focused both mentally and physically, to allow them to face their unique challenges with discipline and a positive attitude.


Our program will not only make your children fitter and stronger while learning effective self defense, but also equip them with essential life skills, increase their self-confidence and boost their self-esteem!

Specialty Courses

We offer specialty courses that are specific to the needs of women, children and professionals in the law enforcement and security fields. For women and children, we offer six-week comprehensive self-defense courses where you will learn how to defend yourself against any threat in a very short period of time. These courses are not substitutes for our regular classes as they only cover the self-defense portion of the curriculum.


For law enforcement and security professionals, as well as for first responders, we provide interactive seminars and workshops on a variety of topics. We can also tailor a specific session for your precinct or brigade.

Personal Training

Tired of your normal gym routine? Does your fancy gym trainer focus more on his tan and his clipboard than on your results? Then it's time to stop working out and start training!


Krav Maga is a total body, functional fitness experience that relies on explosive movements and high intensity interval training. We joke that our warmups are everybody else's workouts... but it's true! Through training you will get toned and conditioned, lose weight and increase definition, develop long, lithe muscles, and improve your flexibility, agility, strength and power. More importantly, you will learn potentially life saving self defense techniques while you get into fighting fit shape.