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6-Week Summer Anti-Bullying/Self Defense Course
Against The Wall

At Spartan Krav Maga, we are proud to present a special summer course dedicated to equipping kids aged 9-12 with the tools they need to prevent bullying through self-defense and empowerment. This summer, empower your child with the skills they need to confront and defend against schoolyard bullies.


Our 6-Week "Against The Wall" Anti-Bullying/Self Defense Course is designed for kids aged 9-13 and covers essential techniques to navigate and escape challenging situations—especially when driven to and pinned against a wall.

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What Your Child Will Learn:

  • Awareness, Avoidance, and Prevention: Equip your child with techniques used by top-tier special forces operators to spot and avoid dangerous situations, ensuring they stay out of harm's way.

  • Striking Techniques for Self-Defense: We teach effective punches, elbows, kicks, and knees, along with a working knowledge of the most vulnerable points on the human body to help your child defend themselves against any attacker, regardless of size.

  • Defending Against Shoves, Shirt Grabs, and Bear Hugs: These techniques are crucial for escaping before being pinned against a wall, giving your child the edge they need in a conflict situation.

  • Escaping When Pinned Against a Wall: Our course prepares your child for a wide range of scenarios where they might be physically restrained by a larger assailant.


The course starts on Tuesday, July 23rd at 6pm and will run until the end of August. Each session is an hour long and will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm 


Bullying in schoolyards is a real concern, and we understand how important it is to give children the tools to protect themselves. This course not only offers them practical self-defense skills but also boosts their confidence and teaches them to stay calm under pressure.

Sign Up Today! Our "Against The Wall" course is limited to ensure focused attention for each student. Don't miss this unique opportunity to provide your child with invaluable skills and confidence this summer. Click the link below to reserve your child's spot today!

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We understand that circumstances change. Our refund policy is as follows:

Before June 15 - Full refund less 7% processing fee

June 16 - July 2 - 50% refund

July 3 onward - No refund

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