Specialty Courses


We offer special courses to those who wish to learn essential skills without necessarily signing up for Krav Maga classes. These are designed to give you fundamental self defense skills over a short period of time.

Self Defense for Women

In this six-week self-defense course for women, you will learn how to use your instincts to keep aware of your surroundings to keep away from danger, as well as to effectively defend yourself against a much larger and stronger opponent. This course will deal with the full range of attacks (strikes, chokes, grabs, bear hugs, hair pulls and headlocks) under a variety of different scenarios.


In this course, we will teach you how to neutralize any attacker, disengage from the situation and escape with your life!


This has been a very popular program and we are limiting the number of students for each session. Sign up early to avoid disappointment! Only paid registrations are guaranteed spots.


Self Defense for Children

These comprehensive self-defense courses for children are an essential part of keeping your kids safe in today's world. In this course, we will emphasize the fundamental elements of Krav Maga namely awareness, avoidance and action. Because we value safety and caution over violence, your kids will learn techniques shared by elite Israeli forces to use their insight and intuition to identify and avoid threats. Beyond avoidance, this course will also teach your kids valuable Krav Maga self-defense techniques if they must defend themselves against physical violence - whether it be from peers, or from much larger assailants.


While learning to effectively protect themselves, this course will also help improve your child's motor skills, spatial awareness, confidence and instincts.


Survival Series Seminars

We offer our Survival Series of Workshops in-house and on the road. These workshops are designed to give people the tools to effectively defend themselves against random threats that are increasingly becoming common.


The Survival Series of Workshops are:

  1. Active Shooter

  2. Active Knife

  3. Home Invasion

  4. Carjacking

  5. Rape


These 2-hour Workshops can be held at our studio or at a venue of your choice (including your workplace). Talk to us about setting one up.

Professional Series

Stay tuned for new modules and workshops!

Law Enforcement and Security professionals need an effective hand-to-hand combat system to fall back on in close quarters where time and distance are factors, in the event of a weapon malfunction, or when the situation has not justified drawing a weapon yet. We offer a variety of workshops on Krav Maga techniques and principles as they are applied in the fields of Law Enforcement and Security (including Close Protection). Specifically:

  • Creating distance and buying time in close quarters

  • Dealing with street weapons - sticks and knives

  • Multiple attacker scenarios

  • Takedowns, searching and handcuffing techniques


The feedback from Police Officers who have attended our courses and workshops have been outstanding!


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