Stephen Henkel

Certified Combat Krav Maga Instructor (CKMI)

Certified CQB-Kapap Instructor (IKF)

Certified VIP Protection Krav Maga Instructor

Security & Counter-Terrorism Specialist

Combat Fitness Instructor

  • Certified Kettle-Jitsu Coach/Instructor

  • Certified Barbells and Boxing Coach/Instructor


Stephen has been training Krav Maga for 5 years and has been at Spartan Self Defense for 3 years. He has successfully completed the VIP Protection Krav Maga Instructor Course through the IKM Gabi Noah organization. Beyond his Krav Maga background, he has 29 years of experience as a police officer, undercover operator, frontline police supervisor and criminal investigator.


As the lead investigator and supervisor of the largest downtown area Vice Unit, Stephen led large-scale drug enforcement operations as well as human trafficking and juvenile prostitution investigations.  In the four years that he supervised this Unit, he and his team were involved in many successful rescues of vulnerable underage girls forced into the sex trade. 


Stephen continued to expand is investigative knowledge as one of the lead investigators in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) elite Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit (CFSEU), a joint forces unit tasked with a mandate to expose, investigate, prosecute, and dismantle Transnational Organized Crime groups. As a Supervisor and Investigator he was involved in the project creation/management of transnational organized crime related investigations at the local, National and International level.   


As a supervisor and investigator within the Security Operations Section – Counter-Terrorism Unit, he oversaw Terrorism related investigations as well as managed the close protection teams assigned to visiting dignitaries and internationally protected persons. In addition, he was involved in and supervised the analysis of strategic and tactical intelligence related to terrorism activities.


In 2013-2014, he served as a United Nations civilian police officer in the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) where he and his international counterparts worked at strengthening the operational capabilities of the Haitian National Police through the training and mentoring of the Haitian Coast Guard. During his tenure in Haiti, he also assisted with several close protection details of visiting dignitaries from Canada.


As a member of the Marine Unit, he was part of the planning and organization committee overseeing the waterfront security for the protection detail of his Holiness Pope John Paul II during the World Youth Day event held in Toronto.

Stephen has also taken on the role of training other investigators in the areas of underwater crime scene management, death investigation and human trafficking. As a training Sergeant, he has been intricate in the creation of course training standards and lesson plans for marine unit training, ice rescue, swift water rescue and underwater search and recovery.


His policing experience has gained him the opportunity to be invited as a guest speaker at a variety of Canadian Universities to lecture on such topics as; Policing, Investigating Human Trafficking, Underwater Forensic Investigations, Investigating

the Water-Related Death, and the Use of Underwater Archaeological Techniques in Underwater Crime Scenes and Body Recovery.


Stephen has successfully completed training in the areas of close protection and possesses the knowledge to properly conduct threat assessments on critical infrastructures using the CARVER Methodology. He also holds a certification as a close protection instructor using the fundamentals of Krav Maga. He has received training in Israeli Dynamic shooting techniques and is trained in the handling and use of a number weapons including; the Glock semi-automatic pistol, the Remington 870 shotgun, MP5 and the Colt C-8 Carbine rifle.  Stephen also has extensive experience in the areas of physical and mobile surveillance.


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To keep the edge sharp, our Instructors train often and train hard. Here is a clip of Stephen training with senior/advanced students during a fairly intense Saturday morning class.  Best enjoyed in HD.