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This is not a weight-loss or body-sculpting challenge. The Spartan Challenge is designed to jumpstart healthy, active living through the development of full-body functional fitness. By applying our unique brand of Combat Fitness, we develop total-body conditioning and improve core strength leading to greater endurance, increased mobility and efficiency of movement.

The workouts are primarily calisthenic in nature, with little to no use of weights and typical gym equipment, optimizing what your body was designed to do - MOVE.



Because The Spartan Challenge promotes a healthy, active lifestyle allowing you to maximize your enjoyment of life, we combine our focused training methodology with a wholesome nutrition plan. Along with full accountability and support throughout the Challenge, this helps create and build healthy habits leading to a major lifestyle transformation that can be sustained.


This challenge is not just your run-of-the-mill diet combined with a workout routine, but a transformation of mind, body and soul. You WILL get stronger, move better and feel more confident as you work through the Challenge. Toning, conditioning and weight loss are FREE benefits that come with the program. 




  • Minimum 3 sessions a week

  • Several sessions running at different times throughout the week for your convenience

  • 6-week Challenge Nutrition Plan complete with menu planning, recipes and weekly grocery lists

  • Total accountability and nutritional support to ensure your success

  • Access to private FB group and in-house Paleo specialist for extra support

  • Full membership to the Spartan Combat Fitness Centre during the 6-Week Challenge allows you to access ALL of our Krav Maga and Combat Fitness group classes

  • Post-Challenge maintenance plan which includes unlimited membership, nutritional support and continued accountability to eliminate the diet/exercise weight yo-yo that many have experienced

The next Spartan Challenge starts on January 13th, 2020


Your journey begins with your determination

to transform your life for the better.


No previous fitness level or experience required. You just need to be motivated and dedicated. We'll take it from there.

All we ask is your full commitment to the program for the 6 weeks and then reap the benefits by seeing real results. 

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 Space is limited. We are only taking 30 people at a time!

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