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Improve your training experience using the newest RDX MMA gloves. Manufactured using Convex Skin Maya Hide leather provides the ultimate level of comfort and protection. Max-ShockTM Equilibrium Foam evenly distributes the shock and keeps your fists protected. Quick-EZ Hook-and-Loop strap gives unprecedented support and protection. QD-1 lining soaks the sweat away while keeping hands ventilated. Reinforced stitching gives it long-lasting durability for everlasting perfection.

  • Convex Skin Maya Side leather ensures no wear and tear takes place.
  • Max ShockTM Equilibrium Foam distributes the force evenly for unmatched comfort and support.
  • Sponge X padding on cuffs for a perfect construction.
  • QD-1 lining proves pivotal in sweat absorption.
  • Quick-EZ Hook-and-Loop strap is there for a secure fit.

RDX MMA Sparring Gloves

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