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What To Expect

Trying something new is scary. Specially something as hardcore as Krav Maga.


We'll take that intimidation factor out and set you at ease as soon as you walk through our doors. Once you see the community we've built, you will understand why hundreds of others have decided to call the Spartan Combat Fitness Centre home.

Whether your goal is to learn effective self-defense, or to get fit and active in a positive and supportive environment, we have something to fit your high performance lifestyle!



We have group classes for all levels - you do not need prior martial arts or fitness backgrounds to start at Spartan. Nor do you need to be in top physical shape to do our classes.

Just show up with the right attitude and a willingness to learn... We'll take care of the rest!


There are a few things to note to get you better prepared for your first Spartan class.

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of your class start so we can get you oriented to the program and give you a quick tour of the studio. Your instructor will want to learn a bit more about you, so if you have any prior injuries or limitations, this would be a good time to let us know. 

  • With COVID mandates relaxed and the world quickly going back no normal, we need to continue acknowledging the realities of the past couple of years. Just because we are "done with it," doesn't mean that it's done with us. If, on the day of your class, you are feeling ill or off somehow, please let us know and we would be happy to switch your booking to another date and time.

  • Finally, bring a water bottle (or two), as well as a towel and/or an extra shirt (to change into after, as you'll be sweaty). You might also want to bring a snack, like a piece of fruit.



Whether you are in for a Krav Maga or Combat Fitness class, we will always start with a warm-up and a stretch to get you physically and mentally prepared for training.

Things will move and progress pretty quickly after the warm-up. In each class (Krav Maga or KRAVfit) you'll be learning a skill - a strike (punch, kick, knee or elbow) or a self-defense technique. You will be learning proper execution of these skills but, most importantly, you will be learning it in the context of combat. So it will never be like a cardio-kickboxing class where you are blindly doing combos on a bag for the sake of movement - here, you are typically working with a partner and striking mitts or pads.

Don't worry, your instructor will demonstrate and explain everything beforehand and there is usually a progression from learning the skill/technique, to executing it under stress and fatigue. Listen to instructions carefully, feel free to ask questions if you are unclear and work at your own pace. You will want to push yourself but always work within your limits and listen to your body. Conditioning will come with continued training.

Before you know it, we are cooling down, the class is over and you are left wondering where the hour went.



Classes are essentially one big high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session and can get pretty intense. Again, regardless of whether you took a Krav Maga class or did one of our Combat Fitness classes, the intensity levels get up there and participants can burn up to 1,000 calories in the course of an hour.

This type of metabolic conditioning exercise keeps your body burning calories for hours after your training session is over. This effect is called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) or, most commonly known as the afterburn. It highlights the added benefits of a high-intensity conditioning session.


So while our focus is on teaching you practical skills, you will walk away with far more - you will move better, lose weight faster, build lean muscle quicker and increase aerobic capacity enabling you to last longer.

These effects will allow you to better live an active, high-performance lifestyle.

So go ahead and book your next class now.


Welcome to the Spartan Combat Fitness Centre, our 2,800 sq. ft. flagship training facility located in Burlington, Ontario. This is where the magic happens!


We have two dedicated training areas: one fully matted training floor for Krav Maga training and the other is fully outfitted for our Combat Fitness programs. 

Amenities include:

  • Men's and Women's washrooms

  • Men's and Women's changerooms

  • Community fridge with bottled water

  • Filtered water dispenser for personal hydration refills

  • Lobby

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