Our very popular Women's Self Defense Course is a 6-week comprehensive program where women can learn how to effectively defend themselves in a very short period of time. The program comprises of 6 different sessions, each 1.5 hours long, covering a variety of relevant topics designed to teach various aspects of self defense. The full course is priced at $150.00 + HST and includes access to all 6 sessions, a course binder packed with relevant information plus weekly handouts, a course t-shirt, and a 5-Class Krav Maga Buddy Pass.


The underlying theme for this course will be "Open Spaces and Transitions." This course will give you the ability to manage rapidly evolving situations which drastically change the combat dynamics. A confrontation might start in a parking lot driveway and move quickly in between parked cars. The nature of your response changes significantly as the environment around you changes. We will not only give you the necessary tools to effectively deal with each scenario, but also the awareness and combat mindset to be able to adapt your defensive tactics to a rapidly changing situation.


The sessions will be broken down as follows:


SESSION 1: If Nothing Else, Fight Back

SESSION 2: Defend Yourself

SESSION 3: Using and Taking Space

SESSION 4: Regaining Control

SESSION 5: Dates Gone Bad

In 80% of sexual assaults in North America, the assailant is known to the victim.

SESSION 6: Pumps and Purse Day

Because somehow, attacks rarely happen on a padded mat while one is wearing track pants and running shoes...


Due to the proprietary nature of this course, we are limiting the descriptions online. The course material, however, will be quite comprehensive and will have all the information you need. Each session will build on the previous sessions, and participants who have enrolled in the full course will be able to identify the flow and see the progression of techniques. 


Space is limited. Book now to ensure your spot.

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