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About Us

At Spartan Krav Maga, we aim to transform lives by empowering people through the proper instruction of Krav Maga. Through training, we help people to better understand their lives, their bodies, and to truly develop the drive and self-confidence necessary to excel in our modern world.

Our entire curriculum and teaching methods are focused on helping everyday people – folks just like you – better understand the fundamentals, along with the intricacies, of this system, while at the same time streamlining the training process so that you can go from a bare-bones beginner to proficient practitioner in record time.

The success of our training is based on the program we've developed through years of experience and the skills, knowledge and commitment of our instructors. We offer our students a structured and progressive approach to developing the individual skills and tactics that are required to be effective practitioners of Krav Maga.


We are proud to say that we have an innovative and extremely qualified instructor team here at Spartan Self Defense. We understand that in order to provide the best instruction to our clients, we need to have the best instructors. To maintain that edge, we make it a policy to constantly improve our knowledge base by investing in our own training.


All of our Krav Maga and Kapap instructors are Israeli-trained, certified, and annually re-certified.


That is the Spartan difference!​


Our instructors represent an ideal mix of attributes that make us unique among self-defense establishments - they can impart practical and theoretical knowledge based on the top quality training they have received, enhanced by extensive operational experience that you just cannot buy.

Click on the images below for information about  our awesome instructors!

Lead Instructor: Cyrus Osena

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