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Programs & Pricing

We have programs for adults, children and professionals. Whether you wish to learn self defense or are looking for a different fitness avenue, you can join one of our popular self defense or combat fitness group classes.
Our memberships are very simple: you either attend as many classes as you want, or if you have a restrictive schedule, you can attend once a week. In both cases, you will have access to all of our Krav Maga or Combat Fitness classes.
In case you wish to give us a test drive, your first class is always FREE!

Need more? If you are a busy executive or a law enforcement or security professional, we can tailor a specialized program to suit your specific objectives through our exclusive Elite Private Training Platform. 

All of our instructors are Israeli-trained and certified, so you can be assured that you are getting the most current self defense techniques through the most effective training methods available.


Training Session

Elite Program

Our flagship program. Private training with one of our Israeli-trained and certified Instructors. Train on your terms.

Elite memberships start at $340/month

Boxing Gloves


Join one of our dynamic Krav Maga or Combat Fitness classes. Learn from the best Self Defense Instructors in Halton Region!

Group memberships start at $165/month


Kid's Program

Empower your tweenagers. Give them the ability to handle sticky situations and protect themselves of needed.

Memberships start at $150/month



Women's Self Defense Course

Burlington's most popular self defense program for women of all ages.


Combat Fitness Challenges

Jumpstart your fitness program with the exclusive 4-week Spartan Challenge!

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