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Give your child the opportunity to learn self-defense, boost their confidence, and develop important life skills with our exciting and dynamic Krav Maga classes designed specifically for children aged 9-12. Our kid's programs are ongoing, and we can't wait to have your child join us on this empowering journey!


Why Choose Spartan Kid's Krav Maga?

  • Expert Instruction - Our experienced instructors are passionate about teaching Krav Maga to children. They create a safe and supportive environment where kids can learn effective self-defense techniques while having fun.

  • Age-Appropriate Curriculum - Our carefully crafted curriculum focuses on teaching Krav Maga techniques that are specifically tailored to the physical abilities and cognitive development of children aged 9-12. We emphasize practical self-defense skills, situational awareness, and conflict resolution strategies.

  • Spartan Kid's Krav Maga Badge Levels - Our program allows students to progress through the Spartan Kid's Krav Maga badge levels. As your child develops their skills and knowledge, they will have the opportunity to earn badges, marking their achievements and motivating them to reach new heights.

  • Convenient Schedule - We understand the importance of balancing extracurricular activities with schoolwork. That's why our Kid's Krav Maga classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm. This timing ensures that your child can participate without compromising their other commitments.

  • Three-Month Terms - To ensure every student's progress through the curriculum, enrollment is for a three-month term, paid in advance. We will not be accepting new students during this term. This will minimize the "revolving door" effect we have experienced in the past. At the end of the first three months, eligible students will be invited to test for their YP-1 badge. 

  • Periodic Enrollment Opportunities - We offer pre-registration for the April program for up to 16 students only. Once we hit 16 candidates, pre-registration will close and a waitlist will open. Upon the start of the program in April, registration will be open every three months to accommodate new participants. 


At Spartan Krav Maga, we believe that self-defense is a vital skill that every child should possess. Our Kid's Krav Maga program is designed to provide a safe and fun learning environment where children can gain valuable self-defense skills, build self-confidence, and foster discipline and respect.

The Spring/Summer program is now closed. Check out our 6-Week Summer Anti-Bullying/Self Defense Workshop >>>HERE<<<.


The Fall/2024 session will start on September 17th at 6pm. To pre-register for the Fall/2024 session, please click below.


Secure your child's spot today and give them the gift of confidence, strength, and self-defense skills. Pre-register now to join our Kid's Krav Maga program and watch them thrive.

"everything your children will ever be, they are becoming. you are raising adults, not children."

Expose your children to the core principles of Krav Maga through fun activities, games, and drills. Our program enhances their strength, coordination, and focus while instilling discipline and a sense of accomplishment. By honing their instincts and situational awareness, they learn to identify and avoid potential dangers.

Key Benefits of our Kid's Krav Maga Program:

  • Improved Confidence and Self-Esteem: Build attributes that make our program a powerful tool against bullying. Develop traits that make children less likely targets for bullying and inspire assertiveness.

  • Verbal Tactics and De-Escalation: Equip kids with tools to prevent bullying through effective communication.

  • Effective Self-Defense Techniques: Learn practical self-defense skills to respond to various threats and attacks.

  • Life Skills Development: Be a better person overall - develop a positive attitude leading to a strong character.

  • Special Anti-bullying Workshops: Attend seminars focusing on dealing with bullying scenarios, non-violent de-escalation tactics, self-defense in tight spaces, and more.

  • Parent/Child Seminars: Joint sessions addressing online safety, social media, and chatroom security.


We understand that we can't always be there to protect our children. By enrolling them in our Kid's Krav Maga Program, you empower them with the ability to handle challenging situations and ensure their safety when necessary.


Join us now and give your child the skills and confidence they need to navigate the world with strength and resilience.

6-Week Structured Krav Maga Program starts January 16, 2023

6-Week Structured Krav Maga Program starts January 16, 2023


Kid's Krav Maga

Ages 9-12


Teen Program

Ages 13-16

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