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Amelia Sher

Instructor, Krav Maga & KRAVfit

Amelia was awarded one of Burlington’s Top Fitness instructors. She is extremely dedicated and passionate when it comes to clients accomplishing their goals. She is an ISSA certified personal trainer and is currently accepting private clients and small groups. 


Her journey started with us in 2019. She completed our Women’s Self-Defense program and quickly went on to train in our Krav Maga classes. She found strength, empowerment, and immense value in Krav Maga. She is an avid practitioner and enjoys staying consistent and disciplined in her training routine. Amelia loves that she has the privilege of working with others through every part of their Krav journey today. 


Amelia is our trauma informed instructor and it is her mission to create a safe space for people to train in person and virtually. She co-founded our On Demand platform and loves keeping clients connected and bringing Spartan to places where Krav Maga and KRAVfit are not accessible.

What can you expect in her KRAVfit classes? 

You can expect a fun, safe and inclusive space to train. KRAVfit is Krav Maga based fitness without the bone jarring impact of Krav Maga. In each class we focus on a skill and we work on drills to improve a specific technique, combat conditioning, or strengthening and mobility movements.  KRAVfit is a great way to work on your endurance, overall conditioning, and is the best way to learn some basics of Krav while getting in shape!

Amelia also believes that training is not all physical. There are so many mental aspects as well. You can expect the occasional mental toughness training session too. She likes to make each class a little different so that you never get bored. Anyone can take a KRAVfit class and there are modifications ready for you just in case you need one! 

What can you expect in one of her private sessions?
Amelia will outline a plan for you specific to your Krav Maga goals and will keep you accountable throughout the entire process. Your sessions will be individualized and she will work with you to stay dedicated to your training plan.

One of her favorite groups to work with at Spartan are Challenge groups!
She loves the energy and community each new set of Spartan Challengers bring. Challenges are 28-days and come jam packed with a ton of add-ons. Feel free to check out our challenge page to see when the next one is happening. They are a great way to Learn Striking, Defenses, and techniques all while working on your overall health and habits. You will learn things in this challenge that go well past you completing it!

Amelia looks forward to working with YOU!


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