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P-Camp Registration

To register for the upcoming P-Camp, please complete the form below:

Select an item (C$)

Please be advised that Uniform Training T-Shirts are required to participate in P-Camp or Testing.

The fee for P1/P2 Camp is $50.00 + HST ($56.50 total) and includes P-Camp, Testing (whether you are testing or not), and an online/on demand P1 & P2 curriculum from Krav On The Go so that you can review and follow along at home.

P3/P4 Camp is $30 + HST ($33.90 independently) or $70 + HST ($79.10 total) if you attend both camps.

If you are planning on testing but NOT attending P-Camp, please sign up for P1/P2 and click the box indicating that you intend on testing after Camp.

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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